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Just because you're rarely present in your Paris apartment, or because your professional activity requires you to travel frequently, doesn't mean that your property doesn't need attention when you're away. And like all property owners, you want your pied-à-terre, second home or large Haussmann apartment to be in impeccable condition so that you can immediately enjoy its comforts and have a pleasant stay when you come to Paris, with the assurance of having entrusted its management and maintenance to a prestigious partner. Our team also offers a rental homes and  apartment sale services in Paris and an Airbnb concierge service in Paris.

Open Up Paris, real estate agency in Paris and luxury concierge service in Paris represents the confidence you're looking for, thanks to our responsiveness and a team of professionals who are experts in property management in Paris. Our property management company takes great care of the residential properties entrusted to us. Whether it's your own pied-à-terre for personal use, or a medium-term rental property between two stays, we support Parisian property owners and provide a concierge service for their tenants.

When you call on our specialized property management team, you'll benefit from complete control of your property, freeing your time and your mind from all the housekeeping, and when you're staying with us or welcoming your guests and family, you'll enjoy tailor-made services, knowing that everything is in good hands and that your apartment is being managed with the utmost care.

Management property in Paris

Discover our services

property concierge and personal assistant

Are you a non-resident or expatriate  landlord with a pied-à-terre in Paris ? Are you a professional looking to help your foreign clients with personalized services and introductions? Are you looking for a trusted professional to help you with your daily tasks, since you're already busy with work and travel? 

Open Up Paris offers you a range of services dedicated to the management of your Paris apartment, freeing you from all constraints, in particular geographical and language barriers. We put the best skills at your service to meet all your requirements and offer you the excellence of a comfortable service. We adapt to any situation to meet your needs quickly and professionally.


Real estate advice

Broker, notary, accountant, bank, insurer, lawyer, property diagnostics company, property valuation, property search and sale services, SCI domiciliation

Services maintenance

Do-it-yourself, SOS plumber, electrician, locksmith, computer troubleshooting, top-class maintenance of your property, meter reading and annual maintenance of gas boilers and air conditioning, supervision of renovation work and various repairs.

Decorating services

Moodboard, shopping list, paint, lighting, furniture and decoration selections, video follow-up and meetings, purchase and delivery management, assistance in enhancing the value of real estate assets through decoration.

Cleaning services

Quick cleaning, major cleaning, cleaning during your stay, cleaning after renovation work, cleaning with welcome kit (soap, shampoo, shower gel) and hotel-quality linen rental.

Stewardship department

Visit your property, check in/out and welcome your guests and travelers, collect mail, manage orders and deliver goods, set up EDF/GDF, internet and telephone subscriptions, alarms...


Short & medium-term rentals

Medium-term rental, mobility leases for students, company leases, second-home leases, inventory of fixtures and fittings on arrival and departure of tenants, recording of any damage to or malfunction of equipment, management of rental vacancies, reception and assistance for travelers, cleaning, linen maintenance, refurbishment between rental periods.

Short-term rental between trips for primary residences up to 120 days/year

Luxury concierge service

A worldwide private mobility solution for all your travel needs (single or long-distance transfers) in Paris, London, Milan, Berlin, New York, Tokyo ...

Greeter service at the airport and vehicle on the tarmac

VIP services in Parisian clubs and luxury boutiques

Reservation and ticketing services

Personal shopper, shopping pick-up service, home cook, butler, sports coach, etc.

Private concierge service

Administrative management, representation at meetings, condominium general meetings and reports, relations with managing agents and condominium owners, translation of documents, move-in supervision, claims management, personal assistance ...


Formule property de luxe: Follow-up of condominium charges and tax payments, collection of invoices for property or BIC tax returns carried out and certified by a chartered accountant.

Luxury concierge service Paris

Our formulas

Modular and customizable

Our offer includes accessibility by e-mail and telephone via a dedicated WhatsApp line.

We offer three formulas, all of which are modular and customizable
for a tailor-made service that perfectly meets your needs.

*The monthly visit to your property consists of visiting it, airing it and checking it. It's a service that brings your home to life, identifying any damage, equipment breakdowns or leaks, and ensuring that your property is managed with complete peace of mind.


Annual offer from

150 € incl. VAT / month

The monthly package for remote assistance or to organize your installation includes:

  • Custody of the keys to your property,
  • Access to Maintenance services
  • Access to Decoration and Furnishing services
  • Access to purchasing and delivery management
  • Access for setting up subscriptions (water, gas, electricity, internet, alarm)
  • Access to end-of-site cleaning services

Our aim To put our professional experience at your disposal to offer you a trustworthy service for theinstallation of your Parisian residence, and to give you priority service wherever you are.

Essential pied-à-terre package

Annual offer from

300 € incl. VAT / month

The monthly package includes the services of the key safekeeping package as well as :

  • A monthly visit to your property *
  • Collecting, scanning and emailing mail addressed to the owner
  • Your representation at thegeneral meeting of co-owners with minutes.
  • Access to à la carte services: cleaning and housekeeping, medium-term rentals between your two visits and private concierge services at preferential rates.

Our objective To enable you to organize the rigorous management of your Paris residence and enjoy priority service wherever you are, with unlimited requests to your dedicated concierge.

Property de luxe formula

Annual offer from

420 € incl. VAT / month

The monthly package includes the essential services as well as :

  • SCI domiciliation in a center (for SCI property)
  • Setting up and monitoring subscription payments (water, electricity, internet, alarm)
  • Follow-up of condominium and tax payments
  • Registration and identification with the tax authorities
  • Collection of invoices for property tax declarations, SCI or BIC accounting carried out and certified by a chartered accountant

Our objective Complete, organized management of your property with priority service wherever you are, with unlimited requests to your dedicated concierge.

Tell us about your project

Send us your request and we'll get back to you. 

Questions / Answers

When you choose Open Up Paris, you benefit from tailor-made services that go far beyond simple property concierge services in Paris.

The property management services offered by Open Up Paris are different from traditional real estate services. We don't see ourselves as property administrators, but rather as allies in guaranteeing the integrity of your home.

We take care of the technical and operational management of your property assets during your stay and while you're away. Our aim is to make your life easier and save you time.

The Open Up Paris team is a privileged partner for our landlord and owner customers, attentive to their needs.

When you choose our Property Management services in Paris, you choose a top-of-the-range concierge service dedicated to protecting and optimizing your real estate assets.

When you entrust us with the keys to your property, we'll make sure that it runs smoothly, with regular inspection visits, mail collection, goods receipt, management of your various subscriptions, or our arrival and departure service to ensure that you enter your apartment as comfortably as possible, among a selection of other services.

Open Up Paris is also your solution for medium-term residential rentals. We put our different areas of expertise at your disposal to provide comprehensive support for you as an owner-lessor.

We are fully conversant with all legal obligations, including Paris' strict regulations on second-home rentals. By entrusting us with the management of your rental assets, we help you navigate these rules, prepare a robust rental contract, and ensure that your property is well managed and maintained.

If you want to generate property income without the hassle, let Open Up Paris take care of it. We guarantee a stress-free experience, ensuring that all requirements are met, while maximizing your return on investment.

Open Up Paris will take care of the initial and final inventories of fixtures and fittings , supervise the smooth running of the tenancy by providing assistance to the tenant, carry out minor repairs and repairs, and handle all the day-to-day tasks involved in renting out your property on a medium-term basis.

Open Up Paris opens the doors to a new vision of property concierge services in Paris, offering you a range of advantages:

Expertise and experience
Open Up Paris has a team of qualified and experienced property concierge experts. Their in-depth knowledge of Parisian real estate and its specific features, combined with a natural propensity for customer service, ensure optimal management of your property.

High-end services
We specialize in luxury concierge services, offering superior quality and personalized service to meet your most exacting expectations. Our services live up to the City of Lights' reputation for luxury and elegance.

Relationships based on trust
Open Up attaches great importance to the quality of the relationship established with its customers. Our team listens to your needs and works closely with you to guarantee a personalized service tailored to your expectations.

We understand the importance of discretion and confidentiality in the management of prestigious properties. Our luxury concierge professionals respect your privacy and ensure that your personal and property information remains confidential.

A network of quality service providers
Open Up has an extensive network of carefully selected external service providers to offer you the best possible services in Paris. Whether it's maintenance, renovation, unique guest experiences or personal assistance during your stay in the capital, you can count on quality partners to meet your needs.

Personalized follow-up
Open Up keeps you informed at every stage of the property management process, guaranteeing total transparency and greater control over all services provided.

Are you overloaded with work and have little time to devote to organizing your day-to-day life? Would you like us to help you manage your property while you're away from Paris, or do you have personal needs that require our luxury private concierge services?

Open Up Paris invites you to get in touch with our team to study your needs and offer you a personalized support solution and a winning partnership for the management of your property.



Juliette and her team provided excellent service We really appreciate her professionalism and attentiveness, and we have great peace of mind knowing that she keeps an eye on things when we're not in Paris.

Kevin, Canada


We used the services of open Up for our move to Paris. It was a pleasure to work with the team, who were very efficient both in terms of fitting services and remote communication.

Lisa & Steeve, Australia


We are very satisfied with the service. Juliette is very responsive, organized and precise. She goes out of her way to understand our different needs and is very proactive.

Ludovica & Chicco, Italy

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