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Home staging: an asset for transforming your apartment into a coveted asset and boosting the sale of a property.

Selling a property is a major challenge, a real project that needs to be masterfully managed, starting with its visual appeal.

To ensure that future buyers are irresistibly attracted to your property, it's not just a question of giving your apartment a makeover. It's essential to enrich the essence of the place by enhancing its assets.

Your property is more likely to attract attention and make a lasting impression.

Home staging is an unbeatable strategy for revitalizing your interior space. Its main objective? To help you sell faster and better, by making your property irresistible to potential buyers. So, beyond mere aesthetics, the home staging method proposed by Open Up Paris your Paris real estate agency focuses on maximizing the sale potential of your Paris apartment.

There are several reasons why you should consider home staging. Firstly, our method can make your home more attractive to potential buyers by showcasing a well-kept, harmonious interior.

With the right interior design, you can set your property apart from others on the market. Well thought-out interior design in Paris, carefully chosen visuals and furnishings, and a warm ambience all contribute to attracting visitors' interest and holding their attention.

By highlighting the strengths of your property through home staging, you'll be in a better position to make the most of your opportunities. The main objective is to harmonize the entire space to make it easier to sell your Paris apartment without having to carry out major renovation work.

Selling your house or living in your apartment means above all giving the people who occupy these living spaces the chance to feel good about themselves. The seller needs to do everything possible to enable the potential buyer to quickly get a feel for the property, the buyer needs to fall in love with it from the outset, and the occupant needs to feel a sense of harmony in the interior. 

Open Up is also an interior design service sspecializing in pied-à-terre property management in Paris , luxury concierge services in Paris and airbnb concierge services in Paris .

Open Up Paris home staging also means :

Enhancing the value of your home
Home staging also aims to enhance the value of the different rooms in your home. Each space must be highlighted, whatever its size or function. For example, if your home has a small bedroom, you'll need to optimize the layout to show that this space can be both functional and pleasant to live in.

Creating a neutral, universal atmosphere
To attract as many potential buyers as possible, it's essential to create a neutral, universal atmosphere in your home. In fact, an interior with overly bright colors or overly personal decoration can tend to turn off some visitors. Home staging therefore aims to purify spaces and opt for sober, harmonious hues, enabling everyone to project themselves easily.

The aim of home staging is to make people fall in love with your property, enabling visitors to project themselves into their future apartment and making your apartment appear, in the eyes of the future buyer and from the very first seconds, as the rare pearl he or she is looking for.

And for the seller, the power of home staging combined with our interior design expertise means selling your apartment at the right price, in the best conditions and selling quickly.

In the Paris real estate market, it's vital to stand out from the crowd in order to sell quickly and efficiently.

Far from being just a trend, home staging is a proven strategy for increasing your chances of selling. But how do you apply it so that it effectively meets your needs and those of your apartment?

Open Up Paris, backed by its expertise, offers you a rigorous methodology. With the advice of our interior designer, each living space is transformed to meet the expectations of the potential buyer.

The promise? Impeccable staging to sell better, attracting and seducing those who cross your threshold.

There are several steps to successful home staging with open Up Paris:

1/ Depersonalize the space

It's essential to clear away all personal mementos and other objects that might testify to your presence in the property. Remove family photos, miscellaneous collections and decorative objects that are too distinctive to make visitors feel at home as soon as they enter.

2/ De-clutter and optimize space

A cluttered interior often feels cramped, and can make visits unpleasant. So it's a good idea to declutter each room by removing bulky or unnecessary furniture and tidying up any objects lying around. Likewise, think about reorganizing the space in a judicious way to facilitate circulation and highlight volumes.

3/ Renovate if necessary

In order to offer potential buyers a property in perfect condition, it may be necessary to carry out some renovation work, such as painting, flooring and electrical work. These improvements will help give your property a positive image and attract buyers.

4/ Staging your interior with taste and professionalism

Finally, it's important to decorate each room with taste and professionalism. This means opting for neutral, harmonious colors, arranging decorative objects sparingly and choosing furniture to suit the space and style. The idea is to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, while remaining sober and elegant.

5/ Calling on a home staging professional and real estate sales

Thanks to our expertise and know-how, we can enhance your property and optimize its assets to attract potential buyers. Coupled with our experience of real estate transactions in Paris, our approach to home staging is guaranteed to help you sell your Paris apartment quickly and at the right price.

Home staging is a truly effective solution for enhancing the value of your property and attracting potential buyers.

So why not join us in transforming your home into a warm, welcoming, sales-friendly space? Open Up Paris can help!

Interior design

For your primary residence, Airbnb or pied-à-terre in Paris

Our interior decorating service is available to meet all your needs, whether you're looking to redecorate your house or apartment, furnish your main residence or pied-à-terre, or enhance your rental investment.

Sublimate your property with quality creations that will meet all your expectations. Our decorations are perfectly adapted to the spirit of each property, thanks to the sensitivity of our experts who are also real estate professionals.

And our decorating tips are there to accompany each of these projects, whether for selling or for your Airbnb rental or furnishing your Paris pied-à-terre.

Interior decoration is an essential element in creating a pleasant and aesthetic atmosphere in your home. A professional interior design and home staging service in Paris is a great option to help you design a functional, harmonious and aesthetically pleasing space.

Whether you're putting a property up for sale, need decorating coaching, want to give your visitors a good first impression, or want to reorganize your space to brighten it up, there are a thousand and one reasons and advantages to calling on professionals in interior design, home staging and real estate staging.

Save time and effort
Calling on an interior design service, like the one offered by Open Up Conciergerie de luxe in Paris, frees you from the time and effort needed to think about, plan and implement the decoration of your house or apartment.

Our professional will take care of every step of the process, from assessing your needs to selecting materials and colors, drawing up plans and overseeing the work.

What's more, our interior decorator is familiar with current trends and will be able to suggest innovative and original ideas for decorating, furnishing and harmonizing your living space.

Technical and artistic expertise
Our interior design and home staging professionals benefit from specialized training that enables them to combine technical know-how with artistic skills. This enables them to advise you on the best choices in terms of materials, furnishings, colors and finishes to create a coherent, harmonious whole.

Our interior decorator also knows how to take into account the technical and regulatory constraints associated with your project, which will save you many disappointments and costly mistakes.

A source of inspiration and creativity
Another undeniable advantage of using our interior design service is the wealth of ideas and proposals it can bring you.

Thanks to their expertise and artistic sensibility, our interior designers are able to propose innovative, functional and personalized solutions that will enhance your interior and make it more pleasant to live in.

Whether you want to create a warm, cozy atmosphere, a clean, minimalist style or a functional space for the whole family, our professionals will guide and inspire you throughout your project.

Personalized support
Opting for the interior design service offered by Open Up Paris means benefiting from tailor-made support throughout your project.

A professional in interior design, decoration and home staging will take the time to listen to your desires, needs and constraints, and draw up a proposal tailored to your situation, whether you're planning to sell your house or move into a Haussmann-style apartment in Paris.

You'll benefit from our expert advice to help you make the best choices regarding the layout of your space, the choice of materials and the desired style of decoration. What's more, we can adapt to the particularities of your home, whether it's an atypical property or an apartment with space constraints.

Increase the value of your real estate investment
Did you know that interior design can have a significant impact on the value of your property? Indeed, a well-appointed and tastefully decorated interior is often perceived as being more attractive and comfortable, which can increase its value in the eyes of potential buyers. Using an interior design service is therefore an excellent way of maximizing your real estate investment, especially if you plan to sell or rent your property in the future.

Find a buyer faster, receive more offers to buy, sell your home quickly and at the right price, live better in your apartment, enhance the value of your real estate assets... For all these reasons, and many more, it is highly recommended to call on a professional in real estate, home staging and interior design to transform your home and create a space that reflects your image.

With the Open Up Paris team, you'll benefit from tailor-made support, technical and artistic expertise, and sound advice to make the most of your real estate investment.

Because Paris is also about stone, the material of choice for its Haussmanian construction,

Because stone is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for designers, Open up Paris, conciergerie de Luxe, is dedicated to meeting and advising you on all your decorative marble requirements.

From the simplest maintenance request to the creation of your luxury bathrooms, from the restoration of a room to the creation of an objet d'art, Open Up recommends a referral service for interior renovation in Paris of your Parisian home. 

Stone is natural, with its structural characteristics, resistance and constraints. Its prestige is incomparable, with its infinite variations. From magmatic rocks (granite) to sedimentary rocks (limestone) andmetamorphic rocks (marble), each type of stone provides a source of creation and inspiration that makes your project unique.

Art rental

Mandate the concierge Open up interior decorator in Paris to bring you personalized assistance for a project of acquisition or cyclical rental of works of art.

Open Up Paris redefines theinterior design experience by offering an exclusive service to connect you with renowned artists. Our unique platform facilitates access to a vast array ofexceptional works of art to enrich your living space.

Our rent-to-own service allows you to explore and appreciate these creations in your own environment. So you can live with these exceptional pieces, integrating them into your everyday décor, feeling their impact and harmony in your personal space.

The process is simple: our dedicated team guides you through the selection of works that match your tastes and the aesthetics of your living space. You then benefit from a rental period to fully appreciate the work in your space, to immerse yourself in its essence and presence. If you fall in love with the work, our purchase option allows you to acquire it and make it a permanent addition to your personal collection.

Open Up Paris is committed to making art more accessible and facilitating that intimate connection between thework of art and its admirer. Our service, which puts you in touch with talented artists, opens the doors to an exclusive artistic universe, where rental with option to purchase becomes a unique and personalized experience, transforming your living space into a veritable artistic sanctuary.

We collect your needs, desires and constraints in terms of size, budget and style, then submit selections of original works of art for rent or purchase.
Need to make a decision about the decor of your office or home? Would you like to do some home staging in Paris? Consider our rental solution, which ensures a constantly dynamic and revitalized space. You can enhance and adapt your décor when you move furniture or relocate.

Our rental program lets you feel the atmosphere the work creates in the room.
Do you dream of a work designed just for you? Let us know what you'd like, and our artists will also be happy to purchaseworks of art to order.

We are constantly looking for collaborations with painters, photographers and sculptors. If you are interested, please send us an e-mail presenting your work.

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Access our services

A la carte for a one-off need or via a property management formula

You can call on our home staging, art rental and decoration services "à la carte" for a one-off need or via a property management subscription in Paris for your pied-à-terre.

Open Up Paris offers :

  • Study of your project, including needs analysis, provisional schedule and budgeting
  • Our interior design services: Order your moodboards to select paintings, furniture, fixtures and kitchens to create the perfect ambience for your Airbnb, pied-à-terre or luxury apartment.
  • Renovation: to take your project a step further, order your redistribution plans, enhance and optimize surface areas, draw up estimates and negotiate, manage planning and monitor the worksite with our authorized partners.
  • Logistics: management of purchasing and delivery logistics according to established specifications

Entrust your interior design project to Open Up and discover the full potential of your home!

A single contact is all it takes to transform your interior or speed up the sale of your house or the rental of your apartment.



We had just bought our apartment and wanted to convert it for Airbnb use during our vacations. We called on the services of Open Up and are delighted with the result. The decor is very attractive for travelers looking for a Parisian atmosphere, and what's more, we feel right at home with a layout that allows us to lock up our personal belongings quickly.

Joseph & Nico, Paris


We've had a Parisian pied-à-terre for a few years now, but haven't had the time yet to fit it out as we'd like, due to lack of time on site. We decided to hire Open Up, a company we can trust completely. We remotely chose and validated our decoration and the refurbishment of the kitchen, furniture, wallpaper, paintwork, light fittings etc. We followed up remotely via photos and video meetings. But what a pleasure to come back to Paris in our new home! We recommend the services and it's very comfortable because the team speaks English.

Maria and John, NYC


We called on Open Up to sell an apartment in Paris because we knew that home staging was necessary before putting it up for sale. We listened to the team's advice, both in terms of presentation and valuation, and the sale went through as quickly as we'd hoped.

Barbara and Steeve, Paris

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