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1 / What is a private concierge service?

A private concierge service, inspired by luxury hotel services, is dedicated to simplifying the lives of its international clientele. It offers a multitude of services, freeing up time for essential activities.

A concierge service is generally a form of assistance offered to customers to help them become more efficient. This small external structure works on behalf of its customers, offering countless services according to their areas of expertise.

Your life is simplified and your mental load lightened!

2/ Personal Assistance tailored to the needs of expatriates

These services take care of tedious tasks, such as finding domestic help, organizing personalized events or even managing property remotely. This frees up time for family, friends and important activities.

Such a service can take care of really tedious and time-consuming tasks. Leave it to the professionals in personal assistance. You can ask them to do almost anything to simplify your life and free up time for your family, friends and so on. These professionals are used to dealing with this type of request and know how to respond quickly and efficiently.

3/ Choosing a Concierge Service Adapted to Life Abroad

A concierge service dedicated to expatriates offers invaluable support in managing daily and administrative affairs from a distance. It's crucial to choose a service that specifically meets your international needs, and to have the right people at your side to better serve and guide you in managing your daily and administrative affairs. You can call on a private concierge service in Paris dedicated to international clients.

However, to choose your private concierge effectively, you need to be aware of the different services on offer to know what to expect. In fact, each concierge service has its own areas of expertise.

4/ Open Up Paris: A real estate concierge service for expatriates

Open Up Paris focuses on personalized assistance for international customers, offering comprehensive real estate services. Concierge services like Open Up Paris offer a wide range of services to simplify the lives of expatriates and non-residents, from property management to tailor-made personal assistance.

La Paris luxury concierge service Open Up is dedicated to the real estate industry, offering a wide range of expertise to its international clientele.

Open Up is the story of beautiful encounters and expatriation! It's the fruit of successful experiences in real estate and interior design, providing expertise and an innovative concept that manages its customers' needs and desires from day-to-day to exceptional.

The human relationship is at the heart of our motivation, which is why we provide you with a professional service, a listening ear and personalized follow-up.

5/ Why opt for a private concierge service?

These tailor-made services are particularly popular with expatriates. Open Up Paris sets itself apart by offering specialized real estate expertise .


6/ Caretaker skills: added value

Open Up Paris' hand-picked concierges have specific skills, including property search, property management and personal assistance. Fluency in one or more foreign languages is a must.

At Open Up Paris, concierge skills are focused on 4 areas:

7/ Accessibility and pricing of services

Although these services may seem reserved for the elite, Open Up Paris offers affordable rates, with a variety of subscriptions to suit everyone's needs.


8/ The future evolution of private concierge services

The growing integration of artificial intelligence promises a continuous improvement in services, making concierge services even more effective in responding to specific customer requests.


Open Up Paris is at your service. Contact us for more information.