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Find out how our services breathe new life into
real estate projects for expatriates living abroad.

An art deco style, an art of living

Imagine a charming expatriate couple having bought their dream home in the Paris region off-plan. The pandemic made it difficult to receive the keys. Fortunately, our remote assistance made all the difference.

Expatriates have thus optimized their time and energy by taking advantage of our property installation services.

Open Up Paris: The real estate partner for expatriates 

A traditional agency doesn't always meet your expectations when you're not living on site. That's why Open Up Paris offersreal estate agency and private concierge services to provide practical day-to-day assistance solutions for expatriates, non-residents and corporate investors in French real estate, while living abroad: property search, property sales with or without condition upgrades, key safekeeping, pied-à-terre or rental property installations through to housekeeping and maintenance.
In the case of a complete renovation, owners can call on their architects, decorators, project managers and contractors. We can also provide an interior design service to help you renovate with peace of mind when buying an apartment:My Parisian Interior

Fromapartment buying to apartment selling, we offer practical real estate services for those who aren't on the spot or are too busy - a breath of fresh air for your real estate project in France.

Photo Reports and Virtual Meetings: The Key to Success

Thanks to our photo reports and remote videoconferencing with the developer, the happy owners received the keys to their newly-completed home without leaving the country.

So as not to waste any time, they ordered their investment property to be fitted out.

The convenience of remote installation

Moving frequently between France and abroad, our services have enabled young expatriates to avoid the hassle of moving in, planning the installation of furniture and small jobs from a distance, as well as kitchen, sauna and garden fittings.

  • Kitchen planning: Functionality and elegance

A functional, elegant kitchen has been designed to optimize space while preserving the elegance of the existing décor.

When you enter the house, you're immediately struck by the volume and space provided by the huge glass roof and its luminosity overlooking the living room. But the space allotted to the kitchen is cruelly small. The open-plan kitchen was therefore designed to be functional, sober and elegant, with storage space worthy of the house's capacity, extending into the dining room with a minimalist style that in no way detracts from the dining room's personalized decor and furnishings.


A peaceful atmosphere has been created with landscaping and the installation of a Nordic sauna, ensuring comfort and well-being for guests to enjoy from the moment they arrive!


Effective communication: A dedicated WhatsApp line

Expatriates have thus optimized their time and energy by subscribing to our residence installation services. The benefits of our services include perfect communication, with the opening of a WhatsApp line for real-timeexchange of all day-to-day events and needs.

We are sharing with you a few photos of the report before completion:

Open Up Paris is at your disposal, and we'll be delighted to help you with your project.
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