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If you're considering areal estate investment in Paris, Open Up Paris is at your service for property hunting with à la carte services for international and local clients. The search for the ideal property and the associated steps can be complex without knowledge of the Paris real estate market. The support of a property hunter can be the ideal solution, often overlooked but extremely useful.

The undeniable benefits of Real Estate Hunting

A property hunter brings undeniable added value. His in-depth knowledge of the market guarantees quality advice to find the ideal property, taking into account aesthetics, location and negotiations with the seller.

What's more, the majority of real estate deals in France begin with a search and contact on the Internet. It's a particularly rich and diversified place for offers, but also the place for all kinds of scams! That's why a property hunter is indispensable for finding a property from a distance with complete peace of mind: he or she guarantees a human encounter, as well as physical appraisals of the property.

How do I choose a Real Estate Agent?

The property hunter is at your side for all the steps involved in selling and/or finding a property (project definition, property search, notary assistance, etc.). He takes your budget into account and acts as your real estate advisor , negotiator or agent.

Given the importance of the assignments you entrust to them, all real estate hunters must meet precise professional criteria:

To select the right property hunter,

  • make sure it has a business card,
  • receives a fee for success,
  • is a member of a professional federation, a guarantee of the legitimacy of the property hunting business, to avoid any risk of unauthorized acts.

The real estate sector is a competitive market, where it can be complicated to know who to contact. You'll be in contact with your hunter often enough to find your ideal property.

Real estate hunting, a cost under the sign of coherence

Remember, a property hunter can provide you with a tailor-made real estate service. They'll visit properties for you, negotiate the price and help you sign the notarized deed of sale - all in record time. All these services are remunerated as a percentage of the property price. You can also select the level of service you require. For example, you can choose to visit the properties selected by your property hunter on your own, and only request his intervention when you are interested in a property.

  • Real Estate Hunting Costs and Services

Property hunter fees generally vary from 2 to 5% of the property price, and are only charged if the mission is successful. Flat rates are also available, depending on the level of service required by the customer.

In fact, our fees follow a certain consistency, varying according to the real estate project and the level of service chosen. Our fees are reduced if you commission us to carry out the search and then visit the selected properties on your own. In this case, we visit with you only the property for which you wish to make an offer. We can then help you negotiate with our expertise.

"We commissioned Open Up to search for our Paris property. We preferred a fixed price for the property hunting and a % on the negotiation (reduction of the purchase price). This enabled us to better budget our investment!" says one of our customers.

Real estate hunters are different from real estate agents in many ways!

A real estate agency has a list of properties associated with the sellers they themselves have canvassed, and which they must satisfy by selling as quickly as possible - because, let's not forget, a seller can register with several agencies. This means that an estate agent's approach will be far less neutral, since the seller needs to be just as satisfied as the buyer.

A property hunter, on the other hand, acts exclusively in the buyer's interest, offering personalized support, total transparency on the property sought and optimal negotiation.

With an exclusive search mandate, the property hunter concentrates his daily energy on the interests of you, the buyer: negotiated price, complete transparency on the property, personalized support, highly targeted search, etc.

To sum up, how does a property hunt work, step by step?

  1. Defining your project: depending on your expectations and your budget, a property hunter will start by giving you sound advice. An exclusive search contract is signed between you and the professional.
  2. Real estate hunting: thanks to their unrivalled know-how and extensive network, they will go in search of a property that meets their ideal criteria;
  3. Facilitating the process: faced with the multitude of specialists involved in a real estate transaction (brokers, lending institutions, private sellers, notaries), the property hunter will act as a single interface!
  4. Finalizing the project: The notary completes the mission by being present at the notarial deeds, then receives his fees via the notary.

Choosing Open Up Paris means benefiting from a Proactive Team

Open Up Paris offers much more than just a property-hunting service. So that you can create a new story in a home that suits you, we're always on the lookout. We'll know how to negotiate your future property, thanks to a sales pitch based on a constant analysis of the real estate market.

What's more, as your single point of contact, we'll defend your interests while guaranteeing total transparency in our dealings with everyone involved in your real estate transaction.

Last but not least, placing your trust in Open Up also means joining a privileged network. We take charge of your project from A to Z, far beyond simple property hunting:

  1. Projection: we offer design, installation and decoration services. Depending on your requirements and wishes, we can put you in touch with professionals and decorators.
  2. Turnkey renovation: thanks to our network of craftsmen, we make sure that everything is in place for a simple installation in the home of your dreams, whether it's your main residence, your pied-à-terre or a rental investment.
  3. Property management: these services are particularly useful for Parisian pied-à-terre properties, providing tailor-made residence management and personal concierge services (key safekeeping, mail collection and dispatch, housekeeping and an à la carte service).
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